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Defend the Rainforest

Let's get our money out of conflict palm oil

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Get your money out of #dirtypalmoil

Palm oil is the fastest growing cause of rainforest destruction today. It causes social conflict and human rights abuses in Indonesia, Liberia, Nigeria, Guatemala, and Malaysia. It’s driving orangutans and Sumatran tigers, and other endangered species to the edge of extinction. It’s driving indigenous peoples off their land.

Palm oil is in over half of the consumer products on our shelves: it’s in your donuts, your cookies, your shampoo, and your toothpaste. Dirty palm oil linked to deforestation and conflict could also be in your pension fund, your mutual fund, your IRA, or your school’s endowment.

Don’t want your money to be used to finance deforestation? Follow the money, and make your money follow your values. Use your investment power to #defunddeforestation.

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